Frequently Asked Questions

When will the cards be delivered?

The cards will be delivered either in person, or via FedEx on the day of the wedding, an additional group may be delivered 30 days after the wedding if additional gifts are given.

BigWeddingGift has a list of approved vendors, what if I want to use someone besides the car dealer or real estate office listed?

BigWeddingGift is always looking for quality, reputable vendors. If your preferred vendor is not listed please let us know and we will contact them to get them approved.

How do I know how much money has been donated so far?

You can log into your personal page and keep track of the money that has been donated as often as you would like.

I want to advertise on, how do I do that?

Please send an email to and we will contact you about advertising possibilities.

Can I pick another gift besides the 3 that are listed?

At present we are offering only the 3 listed options, more options may open up in the future.

After the wedding can we opt to just take the cash?

The concept behind BigWeddingGift is to not only help the couple get the big gift they want, but also help the gift givers know that their money is going towards something of long term benefit. Because that is the case the check will only be made out to the car dealer, the real estate office, or the student lender.

How does BigWeddingGift make money?

BigWeddingGift takes 10% of the total amount collected for processing and for the printing and delivery of the wedding cards to the couple.

The minimum gift is $25, what if I want to give less than that?

$25 is only the minimum accepted on the site. If you wish to give a gift of a lesser amount you can still do that but would need to give that directly to the couple.


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Big Wedding Gift

Big Wedding Gift

Big Wedding Gift

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